How Do Flowers Influence You?

Flowers are more than just beautiful; they influence us humans in so many ways. Flowers increase happiness, open your heart, heal your spiritual and physical bodies, and overall, contribute to your better wellbeing.

Flowers carry a message of love and hope. When you see a flower you smile, and feel more relaxed. Your subconscious senses the gentle vibes of the flower and signals you that everything is going to be OK.

How does it work?

Being creatures of the light, flowers holds masses of energy within them. The sun warms the plant, giving it energy to grow.

The flower collects the sun’s energy, combined with its aroma and color, which are also forms of energy; it sends those vibes out to the world (called vibrational energy). It is the flower’s way to communicate with insects and birds for reproduction purposes.

floral vibrational energy

The flower collect the sun’s energy and transmit it out

When you are near a flower, you can sense it’s energetic vibrations. It’s like a radio, you can hear it, but you can’t see the radio waves that make it work.


The energy the flower transmit is based on its color, size, smell, shape, texture, number of petals, the geographic environment it grows, time of the year, stage of development (full bloom or bud) and habitat.

Every flower transmits different vibes of energy that is vital for its survival, the environment and you.

Each flower has a unique energy pattern that can heal various physical and emotional conditions as well as help you grow spiritually.

Today we already benefit from some of the floral energy when we bring flowers into our home and garden, we use them for decorations, festivals and as gifts. For healing, we use flowers essences and oils. And we use their aroma for perfumes.

I’m sure there are many more aspects of our life that flowers can assist us, we just need to bring them in to our life and start exploring.

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